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TH06EM - Architecture, Biometrics + the 21C Paradigm Shift

Thursday, November 9 from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM

Abstract Text:

We live in a new "Age of Biology," where new findings in psychology and cognitive science are changing our understanding of how we function and experience our surroundings. This talk reviews some of this science, culling out the information most significant for architects.

The talk looks at tools used to gather biometric data which can help us 'see' how people actually, 'unconsciously', take in buildings.
These tools, common in ad and web design today, are useful for architects, too, since they can help us most clearly understand the impact of the built environment on the human brain and body. The lecture presents videos and stills made from recent pilot-studies of NYC and Somerville, MA, using eye-tracking technology, which follows pre-conscious and conscious eye-moments, and facial expression analysis software which records the ever-changing flow of our emotions as we take in our surroundings. We'll learn that collecting the hard data on how people experience their environment is game-changing - and this new information not only stands to reframe how we assess buildings and eventually build them, but, most astonishingly, it will rewrite the narrative of how modern architecture happened in the first place.

Learning Objectives:

Explain the importance of the human 'unconscious' in our perception of architecture

Relate how biometric modeling, including eye tracking, can be used as a tool for design

Demonstrate the extent the human brain is oriented to visual processing and geared to take in faces both human and inanimate


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Event Type: Emerging Professionals Pricing > Session


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