The Quad

The Quad—Hosted by WHAT'S IN

The Quad Competition is an international call for a social space installation. The competition is hosted by WHAT’S IN, a multi-disciplinary research initiative that advocates for urban density and housing affordability through design and policy. Since 2012, WHAT’S IN has built traveling exhibits annually to host research content. Past exhibits were all self-supporting structures designed for ease of travel and deployment, and built with inexpensive materials. More details:

Image: The QUAD, ABX16. Credit: Ben Gebo.

This year six entries were selected to proceed to the second phase of the Quad Competition. These finalists will be provided a budget to create a full scale mock up and incorporate judges’ feedback for the final selection. The finalists are:

  • Bee Land: Longhuan Xu, Ziye Zhong. University of Illinois: Champaign, IL
  • Brain Wash: Amber Watkins, Myah Price. University of Illinois: Champaign, IL.
  • Colored Pavilion: Christophe Cormy, Marilyn Donat, Martine Nicoletti, Edouard Saussac. On Ground Studio: Paris, FR.
  • Communal Courtyard: Ilaria Elena Catalano, Carla Motola, Neba Sere. WUH Architecture: London, UK
  • [re]ACTIVE: Artem Batuyev, Timothy Choi, Joel McCullough, Sinead Gallivan, Abigail Jones, Danielle Lax. Gensler: Boston, MA
  • (Un)Flushed Walls: Katie Donahue, Katharina Hoerath. MYKA: New York City, NY.

Full details including project images: