BSA Space @ ABX

Connect with the BSA, the BSA Foundation, and ArchitectureBoston magazine.

Staff and volunteers will be on hand to answer questions and offer insights into all of the happenings at ABX. Relax and network with your colleagues while enjoying:

Design Gallery

Enjoy a gallery of work representing the winning projects from the BSA’s annual design awards programs. These annual programs honor design excellence and outstanding technical achievement. Like the design programs themselves, this gallery is a reminder that all industry professionals have the opportunity to positively affect their communities and the way we live.

Save the Date! The design awards will be celebrated at the BSA Design Awards Gala at BSA Space on Thursday, February 16, 2017.


See a demonstration exhibit of innovative fabrication applications that can be incorporated into the architecture, interior design, and landscape design processes. Participants from the BSA MakeTank community are many and include Sasaki Associates, CW Keller, Jaywalk Studio, SMMA, Shepley Bulfinch and Studio NYL. Learn more.

Fly-through teaser video of MakeTank pavilion design                                                                                   MakeTank pavilion connecting nodes

ArchitectureBoston Reading Nook

Rest your feet and recharge your imagination by reading articles from all four of ArchitectureBoston’s 2016 issues, each connected to the City of Boston’s “year of the plan.” Spring: Framework; Summer: Temporary; Fall: Borders; Winter: Domicile.

                                                                                                    ArchitectureBoston Reading Nook chairs models


BSA Foundation

The BSA Foundation produces programs that reach children, families, residents, and policy makers. Its vision is to build a better Boston by employing design to engage communities, inspire vision, and provoke positive change. When visiting BSA Space @ ABX, attendees can network with colleagues who have emerged as leaders in the Foundation and connect with others who’ve come to learn how to get involved.

Every hour on the hour, from 1:00pm–4:00pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, attendees can hear a brief introduction to the Foundation followed by a video demonstrating the impact of Foundation programs. Questions welcomed!

ABX brings the very best of the BSA to attendees and exhibitors.


ABX 2016 Campaign Photoshoot

Didn't have a chance to join the photoshoot to promote ABX 2016? No problem! Photographer Ben Gebo will be on hand at BSA Space @ ABX (Booth 205) to take portraits in the style of this year's campaign. Be part of the ABX 2016 photo archive. Bring your friends! Photos will be streamed on monitors across the show floor, and will later be posted to