Learning Stage

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Industry experts deliver informative 20-minute presentations at no cost to attendees right on the show floor. Learning units are not available (unless otherwise indicated).



Mobile Facility Management Solutions: Take Your Work to Where the Work Takes Place
Sponsored by AMS CAD + CAFM Solutions
Explore processing maintenance work orders, bar-coding opportunities for managing assets, field space verification, and collaboration with departments. You will learn about the emerging use of mobile technology in the facility management workplace and better understand the functional areas where mobile technology can assist in planning and managing space at a facility.
Dan Lorenz, Vice President

Liquid Resin Waterproofing Membrane Applications: Hands-On Demonstration
Sponsored by Kemper System America, Inc
Discuss the history, composition, and applications of the liquid resin waterproofing membrane systems. This hands-on demonstration will take you through the application process, from cutting the reinforcement to drain detail, and identifying pitfalls to look for along the way. It will commence with a brief Q&A.
Brian Kelly, National Project Design &  Specification Manager

Reviving the Lost Art of Moldings
Sponsored by Windsor Mill
Corbin Reinhart, Product Specialist

BIM Collaboration Expert Panel
Look at ways that you can use BIM, geographic information, and other interconnected technologies to provide decision-making facts that support both ends of the cradle-to-cradle built world.
Moderator: Kirsten Soderlund B.ENVD, LEED GA, VDC Modeler, Tocci Building Companies
Cyril Verley RA, President, CDV Systems
Matt Mason, Director of Software Solutions, IMAGINiT Technologies
Troy Mifsud, President, myCADD
Randy Chou, CEO, Panzura
Peter Costanzo, Director of Sales, Facilities Management, Rand Worldwide

The Architect’s Nightmare “I specified everything but it still doesn’t work”
Sponsored by Securadyne Systems
How will it look? How will it function? How will it work? Will it meet our needs? Learn the most costly and time consuming oversights with coordinating, security, ADA, fire and life safety requirements of doors and hardware  selection so your next project will look beautiful from the first day  of occupancy.
Brendan Daley FDAI, Director of Door Solutions

The NEW Age of Chemical Strippers and Graffiti Control Products
Sponsored by Dumond Chemicals
Learn the latest trends in chemical strippers and graffiti control products. Biodegradable, odorless, water-based products currently available provide the highest efficacy, without ghosting or shadowing, and do not harm the substrate or the environment.
Rick Grear, Vice President of Sales

Building a Better Door Schedule: Establishing Industry Standards
Sponsored by Allegion, PLC
Knowing what information about a door opening to include in a door schedule is critical to ensuring that clear and concise communication takes place with all members of the construction team. Preview of the latest technology being used to build door schedules in Revit.
T.J. Gottwalt, Strategic Architectural Account Manager

Trends in Solid State Lighting (SSL), aka “LED’s”
Sponsored by GE Lighting
Several case studies will provide overview of solid state lighting (LED) technology, including its value and reliability in lighting system applications.
Shelli Sedlak LC, LEED AP®, MIES, SMIEEE, Senior Lighting Specialist

Stretch Energy Code Update:When is the New Version Coming? What Will It Look Like? And How Does It Fit in with the New Base Energy Code?
Sponsored by S + H Construction
Starting July 1, 2014, the Base energy code—the minimum required by the State of Massachusetts—has become more demanding and now nearly matches Stretch Code, leaving the state without a more demanding energy code option. Participants will receive a progress update on the new Stretch Code, and the particulars of the new Base Code, and also receive an updated one-pager on Base and Stretch energy code requirements.
Sarah Lawson, Project Manager
Jamie Leef, Division Manager for Renewable Energy and Green Building


Shades of Green in Flooring
Sponsored by SelecTech, Inc.
Examples of “green” flooring will cover the various attributes that make flooring“green,” including recycled content, recyclability, VOC emissions, raw material make-up, and others. Learn the attributes that contribute to LEED, as well as others that are not considered under the LEED rating system.
Tom Ricciardelli, President

Liquid Resin Waterproofing Membrane Applications: Hands-On Demonstration
See description for Tuesday noon session.
Brian Kelly, National Project Design & Specification Manager

How to Specify Residential Door Hardware
Sponsored by Baldwin Hardware
Learn how to write professional specifications for decorative and architectural residential door hardware by understanding door and hardware nomenclatures, the different functions of locks and the trims that compliment them, and the materials and finishes that make up the hardware. Participants will receive a Baldwin key for the chance to win one of three Santa Monica entrance sets at the Baldwin booth. This presentation qualifies for one LU credit.
James Dozois, Baldwin Representative

High Performance Building Panel
High Performance Buildings are energy efficient, have limited environmental impact. and operate with the lowest possible life-cycle costs. There are a number of ways to achieve high-performance buildings, such as the use of life-cycle cost analysis, integrated design processes, building information modeling (BIM), integrated energy solutions for the building envelope and building commissioning.
Moderator: Craig Wetmore CSI, CDT, President, York Manufacturing, Inc.
Chris Brinser, Chief Estimator, Turner Construction Company
Brian Haines, Director of Marketing, FM:Systems, Inc.
Roger Fritz, CEO, ICS Corp.
Todd Skopic CSI, CDT, LEED AP, Building Science Manager, Henry Company
Anthony Paturzo, Northeast Regional Manager, HDS, Leica Geosystems Inc.

Using Life Cycle Assessment in Designing High-Performance Buildings
Sponsored by Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Northeast
High performance structures go beyond being built sustainably to include a full set of environmental impacts during design to improve resiliency and long-term performance. Case studies will describe high-performance precast buildings and key elements to their performance including life-cycle assessment and environmental product declarations.
Rita L. Seraderian  PE, FPCI, LEED AP, Executive Director

The Need for Moisture Control and Ventilation in Tight Homes
Sponsored by Ultra-Aire
To reduce energy costs, homes are being built tighter and insulated better than ever. As a result, indoor air can become much more polluted, creating unhealthy indoor environments. Discuss the benefits of ventilation and dehumidification to the home and its occupants, why dedicated dehumidification can be more cost effective than air conditioning, and how to talk to homeowners, HVAC contractors and builders about the need to bring in fresh controlled air.
Nikki Krueger, Marketing Manager


Direct Embed Coating Systems, Embedded Graphics in Powder Coated Surfaces
Sponsored by Direct Embed Coating Systems LLC
There are several steps that together create the unique process of Direct Embed Coating Systems. Explore this process, from fabrication, to powder coating, to the permanent embedding of high-resolution images (i.e. wood grain, stone, branding, photographic images, and more) into the powder coating.
Eric Koslow, Vice President of Business Development

Liquid Resin Waterproofing Membrane Applications: Hands-On Demonstration
See description for Tuesday noon session.
Brian Kelly, National Project Design & Specification Manager

Scan to BIM: How a Large Scanning Project Was Completed for NASA in Record Time
Sponsored by SANE Technology
Learn the firsthand experiences of a two-person team that used targetless registration software to collect and register 1,800 color scans from a 250,000-square foot NASA wind tunnel facility in just 14 days (1/4 of the estimated time). Descriptions of tools used to complete the project and an overview of the in-field workflows will be discussed.
Ron Hughes, Reality Capture Specialist

Multifamily Noise Control
Sponsored by Keene Building Products
Learn how to properly enhance the acoustics of a multifamily dwelling, by better understanding the basic principles of noise control. Covered topics will include distinguishing between airborne and impact noises, the ATSM standards of STC and IIC, as well as principles that can help determine if the selected product is correct for your specific application.
Daniel Gibson, Division Manager

Mineral Finishes: Longest Lasting Protection and Preservation for Concrete and Masonry
Sponsored by Keim Mineral Coatings, Inc.
Silicate finishes penetrate and chemically bond with concrete and masonry surfaces to provide decades of lasting protection that will never peel, blister, or fade. This longevity is demonstrated across the globe in iconic projects from modern construction to the most venerable historic restorations. Silicate finishes are extremely vapor permeable, contain 100% natural ingredients and no-to-low VOC’s to make them the “original” green and sustainable coatings choice.
Tom Tipps CSI, CDT, Technical and Key Account Sales Manager

Make Mouldings Matter Inside & Out
Sponsored by Princeton Forest Products
Mouldings are more than a cover-up for carpentry purposes; they add a level of professional detail and customized design. Learn how to select a group of profiles to make a consistent design statement for both interior and  exterior use, and how to combine them to create one-of-a-kind built-up composition for windows, doors, and wall treatments. Participants will receive $200 worth of profile design sample cases and illustrated books to demonstrate profile options to clients.
Stephen L. Jones, President