The Quad: Design competition to create social space

Social Spaces for City Dwellers by WHAT’S IN

WHAT’S IN is back at ABX, only this time they’re not showcasing their own work, rather the winning project in its 2016 Quad Competition, an international call to develop a social space installation. Participants were asked to envision an installation occupying a 20'x70' area that would enrich the experience of social interactions among urban dwellers. Requirements included the employment of thoughtful and innovative exhibition and fabrication methods without sacrificing cost and feasibility of construction. The competition was sponsored by WHAT’S IN, Stantec and ABX 2016.

The winning project, "Folding Paper," was designed by KiKi ARCHi, a Tokyo-based architecture design firm led by Yoshihiko Seki. The jury responded to the inventive use of light-weight material, the thoughtful integration of research display, and the spatial quality created by the design. It is an elegant solution that's architecturally sophisticated yet simple to fabricate. Seika, who flew in from Tokyo to participate in the jury process, was awarded $5,000 to premier the installation at ABX in November of 2016. Read more at

Other finalists included:

  • Sonoscape – Merge Architects, Boston, USA
  • Diamond Dancer—Nathan Hume, Andy Kim, Ardon Lee, Abigail Cover, NY, USA
  • L.A.W.N. —David Emmons, Illinois, USA
  • Pallet Bench—Leonard Yui, Sahoko Yui, Rhode Island, USA
  • Micro Quad—Victoria Michael, Tahlia Woo, Australia

WHAT’S IN is a multidisciplinary research initiative that advocates for urban density and housing affordability through design and policy. Its projects have been showcased 5 times at ABX.

The Reception and Award Ceremony for QUAD 2016— an international installation design competition for a social space— takes place Wednesday, November 16 at 5:00 pm and is free to attend.

ABX presents innovative ideas about how design and construction can enhance everyone’s quality of life.

Folding Paper by KiKi ARCHi, QUAD 2016 winner

Pallet Bench by Leonard Yui and Sahoko Yui, QUAD 2016 Runner-up