#Construction Training Zone

Three days of demos on the show floor with ProTradeCraft.com: Don’t miss it!

Four daily demos will illustrate best practice installation techniques for energy efficient remodeling and construction.

Local builder/remodeler David Joyce of Synergy Construction, together with carpenter Calvin Cutts, will show how to detail thick exterior insulation and two ways to install windows in the thick walls.

Specific construction topics will include:

  • 11:30 am—Flash and install an 'innie' window
  • 12:30 pm—Flash and install an 'outie' window
  • 2:45 pm—Window trim-out in thick walls
  • 5:00 pm—Build an airtight soffit for ventilation fan/light and duct runs.

Pros, cons, cost, and quirks of each method will be shared with participants before, during, and after the demos.

Demonstrations take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday following the above schedule (sorry, no 5:00 demo on Thursday).

Get a sneak peek of what you can expect at these demonstrations here!

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Installing Flanged ('Outie') Windows