Exhibitor Alerts

Email Communications Warning:

Due to the deluge of unsolicited and unwanted spam in email boxes, spam filters can stop our emails to you. As this is our main avenue of communication to our exhibitors, please add these email addresses as a "safe sender" in your email service. You may have to check your junk mail box occasionally to find us. Exhibitor newsletters, announcements, show updates and other pertinent exhibitor information will be sent to the email address you provided; please help us make sure it arrives in your inbox.

Add these email addresses to your safe sender email list:

Housing Warning:

It has come to our attention that several housing agencies have presented themselves as hotel booking agencies for ABX/Greenbuild and have been contacting exhibitors and attendees to make hotel reservations using their services. Please note: onPeak, formerly Travel Planners is the only official housing agent for ABX/Greenbuild in Boston. No other housing company or travel agency is authorized to place hotel reservations on behalf of ABX.

Reservations made through any other agency cannot be guaranteed and may result in additional charges, incorrect hotel placement, or inflated room rates for other conference participants. Please use the ABX/Greenbuild Official Housing online hotel reservation system to avoid any confusion or additional charges.

For further information or assistance you may contact ABX/Greenbuild Housing directly at Call 800-221-3531 (from the US, Canada & Caribbean) or +1-855-712-9140. Should you be contacted by any agency other than onPeak, please notify us at info.abx@informa.com.

In order to provide and maintain a high quality experience and obtain the best possible rates our attendees and exhibitors must book within the block.

To receive special ABX/Greenbuild discounts, get the best hotel rates and exclusive booking extras, book your reservations online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Reserve today! 

Expo Guide Warning (Fair Guide, Fairguide.com, World Company Directory, Construct Data, and AUMA):

As an exhibitor, you receive a listing in the ABX Expo Guide at no additional cost. You may have received correspondence from the above mentioned companies that referenced ABX. The company that sent this letter requested that you update your contact information in order to “keep the Fair Guide up-to-date” and will invoice you for their services at a later date. These Fair Guides are not am ABX publication or website. ABX is in no way involved with or in business with Fair Guide, Fairguide.com, World Company Directory, Construct Data, or AUMA. If you sign the agreement,  you are obligated to an international company and a three-year term. We do not send a written confirmation of your expo guide listing.

ABX did not supply these companies with your contact information and has no affiliation with them. Whether you decide to list your company in any other guide is solely your decision. It does not affect your relationship with ABX in any way. ABX maintains its own records of exhibitors and produces its own expo guide for its trade show.

We regret any inconvenience caused by these solicitations, as well as any confusion in the manner in which you were solicited. ABX had no knowledge of the solicitation of its exhibitors by these unrelated entities.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this matter at 972.536.6363.